Alt: logo that reads, Washington University in St. Louis Disability Law Caucus over a blue swirled circle.

Image description: the DLC logo, which shows the text “Washington University in St. Louis Disability Law Caucus” over a blue swirled circle.


The Disability Law Caucus aims to provide a safe space for people with and without disabilities to learn about, discuss, and fight against ableism.

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WashU Campus Resources

  • To request accommodations from the school, fill out an accommodations request with the Disability Resources Office. You can contact Disability Resources by email at, or by phone at 314-935-5970.
  • To request urgent/emergency financial assistance in obtaining accessibility devices/ software/etc., you can apply to the Student Bar Association’s Student Emergency Relief Fund.
  • To report a physical accessibility problem on campus (for example, if an automatic door is not working, or if a room that you need to get to lacks an automatic door altogether), you can email the law school facilities department.
  • To request assistance with urgent/emergency physical accessibility problems on campus (for example, if you are currently trapped in between two non-functioning automatic doors), call campus police at 314-935-5555. For people for whom calling a phone number is not an accessible solution, please know that we have asked the campus administration, and we will post the relevant contact information here as soon as we have it!
  • If you have experienced or observed harassment related to disability or accommodations (or other bias related harassment and discrimination), you can report these to the school’s Bias Report and Support System (BRSS). Reports can be made anonymously.

External Resources

The National Disabled Law Students Association (NDLSA) is a national organization that supports disabled law students and graduates; their website has a lot of resources for disabled students and allies!

Paraquad is a St. Louis independence-focused disability organization that offers events, resources, support groups, and trainings.