Contest Dates:

October 4 – October 18, 2019

Contest Categories

2019 Categories coming soon!

How to Enter

If you are interested, it’s easy to enter!

  1. Take a picture of your room and post it on Instagram and include in the caption:

    1. @wustl_reslife
    2. #decyourdigswashu
    3. Don’t forget to follow @wustl_reslife and tag us in your photo so it gets entered. You will get a DM confirming your submission.
  2. Finally complete the quick Contest Participant Information Form under “Where to Post” tab. 

Prize Packages

2019 Prizes coming soon!

SPECIAL NOTE:  We are not looking for who can spend the most money or shop in the most trendiest of places. Your space is your space and we want to see how you #dec it out!! We are looking for creativity, originality, reality, and ultimately if you are willing to share with us, what makes your residential space a home for you. If it doesn’t feel like home, on campus there is a no – low cost option in SWAP’s Trading Post. It is a reuse and exchange store located on the South 40 where people can donate, take and borrow items at no cost during the spring and fall semesters. There, you could find clever items to add that special touch to your room. If you don’t like SWAP’s Trading Post, we encourage you think outside of the box. Put up original artwork, album covers, creatively reorganize your furniture, and more.