Selection Criteria

We will have a panel of our very own WashU staff judging the contest.  Entries will be voted on based on the following criteria:

  • Aesthetic
  • Uniqueness
  • Creativity


  • Categories:
    • Should an individual or group win, each will receive a WashU Spirit Bundle gift from our office. 
  • Overall Winner:
    • If you should win as an individual, you will receive a $500.00 housing credit for the Spring 2020 semester and a gift from Amazon up to $25.00.
    • If you should win as a group, each student will receive a $500.00 housing credit for the Spring 2020 semester and a gift from Amazon up to $25.00.

Contest Guidelines

  1. Each entrant must review the contest terms below. 
  1. Each entrant must be living in Residential Life Managed Housing in the Fall of 2020 – when your housing credit would be applied.
  2. Each entrant must complete the form asking for more information on the “Where to Post” page. No submission of the form by the deadline qualifies as an incomplete submission.
  3. Each entrant must provide at least one photo that accurately showcases your space for the submission.
  4. Each entrant must follow the Res Life Instagram to be considered.
  5. Each entrant must post their photos to Instagram and tag @washureslife including the hashtag #decyourdigswashu.
  6. Each entrant is only allowed to submit to one category as an individual or as a group. For example: you can’t submit for best kitchen and best living room.
  7. If submitting as a group, all roommates must agree to participate in the contest.
  8. Winners are announced via: Email message, Website/Contest Page, Social Media
  9. Entries must contain no profanity, partial or full nudity, explicit remarks, crude or overt innuendos, drug references or usage, etc.
  10. All entries may be used by WashU Res Life or promotional material without need for future consent.
  11. Any falsified information (anything submitted that is not the property of the entrant) will result in disqualification.
  12. Entrant must be willing to be featured in pictures of the room (a photographer will take the photos that will be used in future Housing publications).
  13. It is important to remember that if any Res Life violations are visible in your submitted photo it will be immediately disqualified. If you need to brush up on those policies, you can find the policies on the housing website. By entering into this contest you agree to allow your entry pictures to be used by @wureslife’s social media channels (facebook, twitter and instagram).  This contest is in no way sponsored by, endorsed by, administered by or associated with, Instagram. If you are selected as a winner, you agree to allow a WashU photographer to take pictures of the winning rooms, and allow WashU to use those photos in the future.Good luck and we look forward to checking out your entries!