1. Each entrant must review the contest terms  [SEE TERMS BELOW]
  2. Each entrant should capture no more than 3 photos of their room, suite or apartment   
    1. One entry per room, suite, or apartment
    2. Each resident assigned to the winning room, suite, and/or apartment wins the prize package       
  3. Each entrant must upload their photos to Wash U Res Life Instagram [SEE WHERE TO POST]
  4. Professional photoshoots are scheduled with the entrants prior to announcing the winners
  5. Winners are announced via: Email message, Website/Contest Page, Social Media

Selection Criteria                            

A panel of judges will select the best entries, and entries will be selected for voting based on the following criteria:

  • Use of space
  • Theming (ex: WashU themed room)   
  • Originality (DIY projects, repurposed pieces, etc.)   
  • Decoration (posters, photos, paintings, wall hangings, decorative pillows, etc.)   
  • Presentation
  • Remember: It’s not about how much stuff you have, it’s how you use the space and your stuff. We also understand that our spaces all vary in size and scope.

Contest Dates

  • Submission from September 10 – September 19.
  • Winners announced by September 25.

Contest Terms   

  1. Entrant must be a current WashU student living on campus.
  2. Only one submission per room, suite or apartment so coordinate with your roommate(s).
  3. All residents assigned to the winning room, suite, or apartment will win the specified prize package.
  4. Entries must contain no profanity, partial or full nudity, explicit remarks, crude or overt innuendos, drug references or usage, etc.
  5. All entries may be used by WashU Res Life or promotional material without need for future consent.
  6. Any falsified information (anything submitted that is not the property of the entrant) will result in disqualification.
  7. Entrant must be willing to be featured in pictures of the room (a photographer will take the photos that will be used in future Housing publications).