Our group’s research is guided by one overarching question: How does a changing climate affect rainfall and ecosystems in the Earth’s tropical regions?

To address this question, we integrate stable isotope hydrology of modern environments, sedimentary organic geochemistry of past environments, and earth system model experiments that connect the two.

We focus dually on ancient and modern environments in order to provide a geologic perspective on present-day climate change, while using present-day climate change to inform the geologic past.

Sunset over Lake Towuti, Indonesia.

Recent papers, press, and news about our work

November 2023: Our paper on hydroclimate of the past two millennia has been published in Nature Geoscience. Check out the paper and press release!

September 2023: We are seeking Ph.D. students for Fall 2024! For more info, please check out our areas of research and current opportunities.

August 2023: Our new reconstruction of the Pacific Walker Circulation is out in Nature. Check out the paper and press release.

January 2023: Check out our new paper detailing the optimization of the Picarro L2140i for analysis of triple oxygen isotopes in water.

April 2021: Check out this short film, “Sacred Sediments,” about our work in the Andes!