CEDEC is administrated with the following organizational structure: Director, Research Associates (internal voting members), Research Affiliates (external, non-voting), Advisors (internal or external, non-voting), and Staff. The Director is selected based on the recommendation of Research Associates in consultation with Department Chairs and Executive Committee.

The Center is governed collectively by the Research Associates. A Project Committee oversees the planning, budgeting, and spending on CEDEC activities. The Project Committees is composed of the Directors (chair of the committee) and Research Associates; the Committee meets on a need-basis to allocate research funds, decide current initiatives, judge proposals submitted by the faculty, evaluate collaborations with other research centers, and seek external funding.


Associate Director

Advisory Board

Research Associate (Internal)

Research Affiliate (External)


  • One Half-time Administrative Coordinator: Jessica Cain (jcain@wustl.ed)
  • One Half-time Research Assistant (various graduate students)

Center for Dynamic Economics
Department of Economics
Washington University in St. Louis
Harry and Susan Seigle Hall 307
MSC 1208‐228‐308
Washington University in St. Louis
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