Congratulations to the Big Ideas competition winners!

Enhancing Palliative Care with Machine Learning
Nathan Moore, Charles Crecelius, Allison Jordan, Douglas Pogue, Patrick White

Machine Learning Risk Predictions at OR-ICU handoff
Joanna Abraham, Po-Yin Yen, Yixin Chen, Michael Avidan, Bradley Fritz, Christopher King

Biosensors and machine-learning algorithms to detect complications in post-pancreatectomy patients
Chet Hammill, Chenyang Lu, Elizabeth Pratt

Programming the future of sepsis: Developing a pragmatic real-time sepsis prediction model for non-ICU patients
Andrew Michelson, Kevin Betthauser, Sean Yu, Aditi Gupta, Patrick Lyons, Albert Lai, Katherine Henderson

Voice User Interface Connecting Clinicians with Supply Inventory Management via Alexa
Po-Yin Yen, David Motes, Marilyn Schallom, Albert Lai

Conversational Agents for Managing Peri-operative Psychological Stress (CAMP)
Thomas Kannampallil, Michael Avidan, Eric Lenze, Chenyang Lu, Marilyn Schallom, Heidi Tymkew