Congratulations to the Big Ideas competition winners!

2022 – 2023 Awarded Teams

PI / Project lead in bold

  • Improving Diagnosis of Superimposed Preeclampsia in Pregnant Patients: A Wearable Device for Non-invasive Continuous Monitoring of Fluid Dynamics
    • Valene Garr Barry, PhD, Ebony Carter, MD, MPH, Sarah Farabi, PhD, RN, Christine O’Brien, PhD, Peinan Zhao, PhD, Susan Racette, PhD 
  • Intelligent Clinical Decision Support for Perioperative Blood Management
    • Sunny Lou, MD, PhD, Thomas Kannampallil, PhD, Bruce Hall, MD, PhD, MBA, Joanna Abraham, PhD, Steven Gregory, MD 
  • Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring
    • Jennifer Schmidt, MD, Nathan Moore, MD, Scott Groesch, MD, Donald Morris, MD, Angela Brown, MD, Lara Kerwin, PharmD, Riley Taylor, RN, Jenna Smith, Kara Busken, MHA 
  • Evaluation and Validation of a Mobile Application for Patient Functional Assessment in Spinal Surgery
    • Camilo Molina, MD, Eric Leuthardt, MD, Chenyang Lu, PhD, Bruce Hall, MD, PhD, MBA 
  • Care Transition TRUST; TRust through Understanding via Smart use of Technology
    • Mark Williams, MD, MHM, Matt Reuter, MD, Nathan Moore, MD, Tom de Fer, MD, Jing Li, MD, MS, DrPH, Caroline Kahle, MD, Nickole Forget, MD, Jenny Schmidt, MD, Steve Fuest, MD 
  • Expediting Radiotherapy Initiation via a Simulation Free Workflow
    • Tianyu Zhao, PhD, Geoffrey Hugo, PhD, Baozhou Sun, PhD, MBA, Clifford Robinson, MD, Christopher Abraham, MD, Lauren Henke, MD, Yixin Chen, PhD, Andrew Lindsey, MS

2021 – 2022 Awarded Teams

PI / Project lead in bold

  • Avoiding Pulmonary Complications after Major Abdominal Surgery Using Novel Digital Incentive Spirometry Technology
    • Chet W. Hammill, MD, Chenyang Lu, PhD, Peggy Reed-Watts, MS
  • Prediction of Persistent and Profound Intraoperative Hypoxemia in Pediatric Patients to Mitigate Life Threatening Events and Improve Patient Safety
    • Michael C. Montana, MD, PhD, Thomas Kannampallil, PhD, Chenyang Lu, PhD
  • Using Mobile Health Technology to Capture Physical, Functional and Psychosocial Features that Predict Recovery after Lumbar Fusion
    • Wilson Z. Ray, MD, Jacob Greenberg, MD, MSCI, Bruce Hall, MD, PhD, Thomas Rodebaugh, PhD, Madelyn Frumkin, MA, Chenyang Lu, PhD, Michael Kelly, MD, MSCI, Jay Piccirillo, MD
  • User-Centered Design of a Digital Health Solution to Improve Symptom Management in Advanced Cancer Care
    • Karla T. Washington, PhD, LCSW, Patrick G. Lyons, MD, MSc, Patrick White, MD, Amy Jacobs, MSN, RN
  • Clinical Translation of a Device and System for Preventing the Development of Pressure Ulcers
    • Amanda Westman, PhD, Justin M. Sacks, MD, MBA, Matthew MacEwan, MD, PhD, Lynn Schallom, PhD, RN, CCNS, Zahid Iqbal, MD

COVID-19 Edition Awarded Teams

  • Clinical Phenotypes of Vital Pneumonia: A Comparative Study Between SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza, PI / Project Lead: Pratik Sinha
  • Development of Predictive Analytics Model for Need of Extracorporeal Support in COVID-19, PI / Project Lead: Ahmed Said

2020 – 2021 Awarded Teams

  • Integrating Real Time Clinical Activity, Physiological Sensors, and Behavioral Responses for Predicting Physician Burnout (IGNITE), PI / Project Lead: Sunny Lou
  • Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), and Effectiveness Comparison to In-person CBT, PI / Project Lead: Abby Cheng
  • Impact of Glucose Variability on Dynamic Cognitive Function in Youth with T1D, PI / Project Lead: Tamara Hershey and Mary Katherine Ray
  • Using Interventional Informatics to Address Social Determinants of Health During Clinical Care Visits to Promote Behavior Change and Prevent Type 2 Diabetes, PI / Project Lead: Maura Kepper
  • High Resolution Trajectory Mapping of Post-discharge Knee Replacement Patients, aka the TRIPP (Trajectories in Predictive Methods and Alerts to Prevent Asthma, PI / Project Lead: Joe Steensma
  • Closing the Loop on Unexpected Imaging Findings: Augmenting the Process with Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning (CLU), PI / Project Leads: Andrew Bierhals and Aris Sotiras
  • Designing a Human-Centered Early Warning System for Oncology Inpatients, PI / Project Lead: Patrick Lyons

2019 – 2020 Awarded Teams

  • Enhancing Palliative Care with Machine Learning, PI / Project Lead: Nathan Moore
  • Machine Learning Risk Predictions at OR-ICU Handoffs, PI / Project Lead: Joanna Abraham
  • Biosensors and Machine-Learning Algorithms to Detect Complications in Post-pancreatectomy Patients, PI / Project Lead: Chet Hammill
  • Programming the Future of Sepsis: Developing a Pragmatic, Real-Time Sepsis Prediction Model for Non-ICU Patients, PI / Project Lead: Andrew Michelson
  • Voice User Interface Connecting Clinician with Supply Inventory Management via Alexa, PI / Project Leads: Marilyn Schallom, Po-Yin Yen
  • Conversational Agents for Managing Perioperative Psychological Stress, PI / Project Lead: Thomas Kannampallil