Congratulations to the Big Ideas competition winners!

2021 – 2022 Awarded Teams

  • Avoiding Pulmonary Complications after Major Abdominal Surgery Using Novel Digital Incentive Spirometry Technology, PI / Project Lead: Chet W. Hammill and Chenyang Lu
  • Novel Digital Health Technology to Expand Access to Cardiac Medications, PI / Project Lead: Albert Lai and Rachita Navara
  • Prediction of Persistent and Profound Intraoperative Hypoxemia in Pediatric Patients to Mitigate Life Threatening Events and Improve Patient Safety, PI / Project Lead: Michael C. Montana and Thomas Kannampallil
  • Using Mobile Health Technology to Capture Physical, Functional and Psychosocial Features that Predict Recovery after Lumbar Fusion, PI / Project Lead: Wilson Z. Ray and Jacob Greenberg
  • User-Centered Design of a Digital Health Solution to Improve Symptom Management in Advanced Cancer Care, PI / Project Lead: Karla T. Washington
  • Clinical Translation of a Device and System for Preventing the Development of Pressure Ulcers, PI / Project Lead: Amanda Westman and Justin M. Sacks

COVID-19 Edition Awarded Teams

  • Clinical Phenotypes of Vital Pneumonia: A Comparative Study Between SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza, PI / Project Lead: Pratik Sinha
  • Development of Predictive Analytics Model for Need of Extracorporeal Support in COVID-19, PI / Project Lead: Ahmed Said

2020 – 2021 Awarded Teams

  • Integrating Real Time Clinical Activity, Physiological Sensors, and Behavioral Responses for Predicting Physician Burnout (IGNITE), PI / Project Lead: Sunny Lou
  • Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), and Effectiveness Comparison to In-person CBT, PI / Project Lead: Abby Cheng
  • Impact of Glucose Variability on Dynamic Cognitive Function in Youth with T1D, PI / Project Lead: Tamara Hershey and Mary Katherine Ray
  • Using Interventional Informatics to Address Social Determinants of Health During Clinical Care Visits to Promote Behavior Change and Prevent Type 2 Diabetes, PI / Project Lead: Maura Kepper
  • High Resolution Trajectory Mapping of Post-discharge Knee Replacement Patients, aka the TRIPP (Trajectories in Predictive Methods and Alerts to Prevent Asthma, PI / Project Lead: Joe Steensma
  • Closing the Loop on Unexpected Imaging Findings: Augmenting the Process with Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning (CLU), PI / Project Leads: Andrew Bierhals and Aris Sotiras
  • Designing a Human-Centered Early Warning System for Oncology Inpatients, PI / Project Lead: Patrick Lyons

2019 – 2020 Awarded Teams

  • Enhancing Palliative Care with Machine Learning, PI / Project Lead: Nathan Moore
  • Machine Learning Risk Predictions at OR-ICU Handoffs, PI / Project Lead: Joanna Abraham
  • Biosensors and Machine-Learning Algorithms to Detect Complications in Post-pancreatectomy Patients, PI / Project Lead: Chet Hammill
  • Programming the Future of Sepsis: Developing a Pragmatic, Real-Time Sepsis Prediction Model for Non-ICU Patients, PI / Project Lead: Andrew Michelson
  • Voice User Interface Connecting Clinician with Supply Inventory Management via Alexa, PI / Project Leads: Marilyn Schallom, Po-Yin Yen
  • Conversational Agents for Managing Perioperative Psychological Stress, PI / Project Lead: Thomas Kannampallil