You can download my CV from here. 

Department of Economics,
Washington University in St. Louis

Ph.D., Economics, Washington University in St. Louis, U.S.A, May 2018
  Dissertation Committee: Barton Hamilton, Robert Pollak, Carl Sanders
M.Phil, Economics, Washington University in St. Louis, U.S.A, May 2015
B.A., Economics & B.S. Mathematics, Wuhan University, China, June 2013

Working Papers
“How Does Family Structure Affect Entrepreneurship?” (JMP)
“Empirical Analyses on the Secular Decline of Self-employment in the United States” with Barton Hamilton (WUSTL)
“A Dynamic View of Female Self-employment Decisions,” with Chuan Chen (WUSTL)
“SME Credit Guarantee Situation in China —Based on Micro and Macro Perspectives”
“On Models of Credit Risk Management —CreditMetrics vs. KMV model”

Works in Progress
“Information Technology and the Recent Decline of Entrepreneurship in the United States,” with Lijun Zhu (WUSTL)
 “Entrepreneurship and Life Satisfaction in Australia and China,” with Zheng Fang (Singapore University of Social Science)
“Mismatch between Students and Colleges in the U.S—the Role of Non-Cognitive Abilities”

“Empirical Research of Overseas Talents Attraction Based on Game Theory and Incentive Model,” [in Chinese] 1st author with Yichen Chen, Hengjin Cai. The Conference on Web-Based Business Management, 2012

Southern Economic Association Annual Meeting, Nov. 2017
12th Annual Economics Graduate Students Conference, Scheduled Oct. 2017
Guest speaker at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, June 2017
China Meeting of the Econometric Society, June 2017
Asian Meeting of the Econometric Society, May 2017
The Midwest Economics Association Annual Meeting, March 2017
Income Inequality Group, Jan, March, April, Nov. 2016; Feb, March. 2017
Economics Department Seminar, 2016

Instructor, Washington University in St. Louis, Summer 2015
Introduction to Macroeconomics

Teaching Assistant, Washington University in St. Louis
Econ 1011 – Introduction to Microeconomics, 2014 Fall, 2016 Fall, 2017 Spring
Econ 1021 – Introduction to Macroeconomics, 2017 Spring
Econ 380 – Labor and the Economy, 2015 Fall­
Econ 4721 – Advanced Topics in Modern Economic Growth, 2016 Spring
Econ 4021 – Merge – Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory, 2016 Spring
Econ 4011 – Intermediate Microeconomic Theory, 2015 Spring, 2015 Fall
B64.MEC.595 – Market Competition & Value Appropriation, 2017 Spring
B64.MEC.722.04 – Managerial Economics: Incentives, Markets, and Competition, 2017 Fall

Teaching Assistant, Wuhan University
Time Series Analysis & Monetary Theory, 2012 Fall

Teaching Center Workshop Certificates
Teaching a Discussion Class; Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement; Incorporating Active Learning into Lectures; Gathering Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness

Ph.D. scholarship, Institute for Humane Studies, 2017–2018
Dissertation Fellowship, Washington University in St. Louis, 2017–2018
Schwartz Family Scholarship, Washington University in St. Louis, 2014–2015
Summer Research Grants, Washington University in St. Louis, 2015-2017
Merit Student & First Prize Scholarship (Top 1%), Wuhan University, 2010–2013
Scientific Research & Innovative Experiment Grant, Wuhan University, 2013
Honorable Mention in International Contest in Modeling, 2012
National Computer Rank Examination Certificate, 2011
Second Prize in The Electrician Mathematical Contest in Modeling, 2011
Prize in China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, 2010

English (Fluent), Chinese (Native)
STATA, R, PYTHON, MATLAB, C, FORTRAN (basic); Microsoft Office; SQL.

Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis

Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis

Department of Economics, Washington University in St. Louis