Xiaoyan Wang is a fifth-year doctoral student in the Public Health Sciences program at Brown School

Research Interests: Cancer Epidemiology, Childhood Cancer, Health Outcomes, Health Disparities

Contact: xiaoyan.wang@wustl.edu

Xiaoyan earned the degrees of Bachelor in Preventive Medicine at Shandong University in China in 2012 and Master in Molecular Medicine (specializing in Molecular Epidemiology) at Sun Yat-sen University in 2015. During her master’s program, she worked on projects exploring the invasion and metastasis mechanisms of colorectal cancer. After graduation, she became a research associate in the Guandong Institute of Gastroenterology and concentrated on colorectal cancer genetics research.

Xiaoyan has both intensive training in laboratory science conducting studies to understand disease mechanisms and in applied experience in epidemiological methods, including study design, statistical modeling of disease risk, and survival. She has published several papers on fundamental cancer research and cancer epidemiology studies.


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Featured Publications

  1. Wang, X., Ojha, R. P., Partap, S., & Johnson, K. J. (2020). The effect of insurance status on overall survival among children and adolescents with cancer. International Journal of Epidemiology. https://doi.org/10.1093/ije/dyaa079.
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