Launch Opportunity Tomorrow, Tuesday 9/13/2016 at 7am MDT

If we the weather cooperates, we will launch tomorrow (Tuesday, 10/13) morning at 7am local time (MDT). We will arrive here at 1:30am to check out all systems one last time. The large CSBF truck/crane will pick up X-Calibur at 3am. The surface wind conditions should be best in the early morning hours around 7am, and we could be at float altitude around 10am. If we launch at 7am, we could observe the Crab nebula and pulsar right after reaching float altitude. The wind speeds at float altitude are predicted to be very low, enabling a flight of at least 18 hours, maybe even significantly longer than 24 hours. Click here to follow the launch preparations, and maybe also to see the launch itself.


  1. Robert S. says:

    Thanks for all the updates! It’s not very often I’m able to find CSBF Ft. Sumner research balloon launch updates and I enjoy trying to observe the research balloons in flight from my backyard in Albuquerque. Wishing your crew good luck for a successful mission and I hope I get to see your balloon in the noon sky tomorrow!

  2. Garry says:

    Awesome! I am hoping for a quick launch and great flight! Good luck guys. G.

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