Test with X-Ray Gun

The photo below shows Dr. Okajima and Mori during the test measurements.

 Drs. Okajima and Mori during the test measurements.

Yesterday and today, we made excellent progress. The WASP team performed several tests of the pointing system. Yesterday evening, we calibrated the polarimeter with an X-ray gun. The gun uses a high voltage (50,000 V) to accelerate electrons. The electrons, impinging on a target, emit X-rays. We use a long stainless steel tube as a collimator to produce a beam of X-rays with a sub-mm cross-section. We shot the beam into the polarimeter to record the response for different beam offsets from the center of the polarimeter. We recorded a lot of data with a rate exceeding a few kHz.  We hope to be able to be declared flight ready tomorrow (Sunday, Sept. 4), which means we would be able to take advantage of the next flight opportunity.



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