The work of Professor Krawczynski’s group includes the development of the balloon-borne XL-Calibur scattering X-ray polarimeter scheduled for launch in Summer 2022 from Kiruna (Sweden). The group develops furthermore room temperature and cryogenic X-ray and gamma-ray detectors.The group is a science collaborator of the Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE), and uses the Chandra, Swift, NuSTAR, and Fermi X-ray and gamma-ray satellites. The activities of the group include observational and theoretical work focussing on magnetars, stellar mass and supermassive black holes, blazars, and gravitationally lensed quasars.

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Detector Development:
Astrophysics (Observations and Theory):
  • Professor Böttcher (North-West. Univ., South Africa)
  • Professor Buckley (WUSTL)
  • Professor Chartas (CoC).
  • Professor Errando (WUSTL).
  • Dr. García (Caltech).
  • de Geronimo (de Geronimo).
  • Guarino (Guarino Engineering Services).
  • Professor Kislat (UNH).
  • Dr. Kitaguchi and Professor T. Tamagawa (Riken).
  • Dr. Liska (Harvard).
  • Professor Matsumoto (Osaka Univ.).
  • Dr. Okajima (GSFC).
  • Professor Pearce (KTH).
  • Professor Rauch (WUSTL).
  • Professor Takahashi (Hiroshima Univ.).
  • Professor Alexander Tchekhovskoy (Northwestern).
  • Dr. Ullom (NIST).
  • WASP team (WFF).