Current Students

Ashwin Kumar (Ph.D. student)
Research Areas: Explainable Planning

Jean Springsteen (Ph.D. student)
Research Areas: Social Networks

Stylianos Vasileiou (Ph.D. student)
Research Areas: Explainable Planning

Former Students

Khoi D. Hoang (Ph.D., 2022)
Dissertation: Dynamic Continuous Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems
First Job: Software Engineer at Google

Atena M. Tabakhi (Ph.D., 2021)
Dissertation: Preference Elicitation in Constraint-Based Models: Models, Algorithms, and Applications
First Job: Lecturer at Washington University in St. Louis

Christabel Wayllace (Ph.D., 2021)
Dissertation: Stochastic Goal Recognition Design
First Job: Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Alberta with Matthew E. Taylor

Ping Hou (Ph.D., 2017)
Dissertation: Probabilistic Planning with Risk-Sensitive Criterion
Outstanding Research Assistant Award, Computer Science, NMSU (2014)
First Job: Software Engineer at Uber Advanced Technologies Group

Zachary Zhao (M.S., 2023)
Project: Exploring Opinion Dynamics Filtering Strategies on Social Network Data
First Job: AI/ML Software Engineer at Depth Engineering Inc.

Ruoyao Yang (M.S., 2021)
Project: Visualizations in Explainable Planning
First Job: Software Development Engineer at Amazon

Tiancheng He (M.S., 2020) — co-advised with Chien-Ju Ho
Project: Empirical Research on Multi-Armed Bandit Problems with Free Pulls
First Job: TBD

Yuanming Xiao (M.S., 2020)
Thesis: Embedding Preference Elicitation Within the Search for DCOP Solutions
First Job: Algorithm Engineer at Weibo Research and Development

Xipeng Wang (M.S., 2019)
Project: Smart Home Audio Assistant
First Job: Algorithm Engineer at Huawei

Peter Kim (M.S., 2018)
Project: Optimal Scheduling of Smart Home Devices Using Integer Linear Programming with a Visual Interface
First Job: Security Engineer at Supernova Lending

Russell Folk (M.S., 2017)
Project: Using Reinforcement Learning to Generate Tariffs for Profitable Consumption in Power TAC
First Job: Research and Development Engineer at Sandia National Laboratories

Mounika Challa (M.S., 2017)
Project: NMSU CS Graduate Course Planner
First Job: Salesforce Developer at MST Solutions

Francisco Natividad (M.S., 2016)
Project: On the Use of Off-the-Shelf Machine Learning Techniques to Predict Energy Demands of Power TAC Consumers
First Job: Software Engineer at Google

Amirsaber Sharifi (M.S., 2014)
Project: DeepDepth: A Framework to Visualize Social Network Data
First Job: Software Engineer at HCapital