April 4, 2017 Meeting Minutes

WUVets Meeting Minutes

April 4, 2017

Lopata House



In attendance:

James Petersen           Brown             President, WUVETS

Angela Peacock          UCollege         Secretary/ Social Media, WUVETS

Alex Reiter                 Engineering

Ann Merkle                A&S Anthropology

Rae English                Brown


Old Business

Alex Reiter, Engineering, is Sergeant at Arms. Unanimous.

End of semester BBQ, Lakeside Park, May 7 11-4.

Honor cords will be purchased through Ashley McGruder in Lieberman Center. She will purchase 40 from our budget. $5 each, $190 total with discounts and shipping.

July 1st is the deadline to get Veterans Day locked in. Check with all speakers and ensure who is coming.

So far….

Bob McDonald- tentative. Check again in July.

Tammy Duckworth did not say yes or no. Check again in July.

Paul Szodra- CONFIRMED flying in

Tim Smith—CONFIRMED local

Kayla Williams- not asked yet, still waiting on others


New Business

Veteran’s week with SLU and UMSL coming up week of April 3.

Vetworking in AB Hall Courtyard April 4.

Almost Sunrise movie showing April 7 at 7 p.m. at Boeing.

Need to begin grant process with SVA.

Budget for 2017-18 school year is due to them June 1st.

End of Summer BBQ / Family event. Bring side dish. We will pay for meat. Sun May 7- Lakeside Park 370

Veteran’s Day event: $145/night in Knight Hall on campus. WashU gets flights through southwest.

We need a way for people to RSVP. Start making donation list. James will email AAR, budget, etc to rest of us.

Provost Thorp approved the opening of an Office for Military and Veteran’s Affairs. It will have 1 staff member. HOORAY!