February 21, 2017 Meeting Minutes

WUVets Meeting Minutes

February 21, 2016

Law School Rm 309


In attendance:

James Petersen           Brown             President, WUVETS

Ed Tjaden                   Law                 President Law School Student Veterans Association

Doug Crossen             Brown             Treasurer, WUVETS

Angela Peacock          UCollege         Secretary/ Social Media, WUVETS

Will White                  UCollege

Alex Reiter                 Engineering

Cody Bishop               UCollege

Ann Merkle                A&S Anthropology

Old Business

Election Results for new Board 2017-2019 are as follows:

Ed Tjaden                   Law                 President

Ann Merkle                 Anthro             VP

Angela Peacock          Brown (just admitted)            Secretary / Social Media

Doug Crossen             Brown             Treasurer

The logo is finished, Doug will order t-shirts and polos. Members who want one can purchase and order through him. More to follow. Price range $15-25. He will open the ordering for about 3 weeks. Then it will take 2-3 weeks for them to be ready. May not have them by Spring service event.

WUVets needs to store documents online so they can be transferred easily to the next years board. Microsoft OneDrive, google docs, or dropbox. Alex suggested OneDrive since it’s joined with our school emails. James has passwords to wuvets@wustl.edu. Use this email to store. Share passwords with incoming officers. We will try this out in the next few months and see how it works. Can put the AAR from Veteran’s Day and the constitution here. All minutes are currently stored on website but can be uploaded there too.

New Business

James suggests to the incoming officers that we only have 2 big events per year instead of a lot of smaller ones.

Veteran’s Day 2017 planning

Veteran’s Day panel / speakers so far are as follows:

Keynote: Former Secretary of Dept of VA Robert McDonald, topic: How Post 9/11 veterans are assets

2nd Keynote: email sent to Senator Tammy Duckworth’s office. Her scheduler said she will be in touch. Cross your fingers.

Veteran Panel:

Tim Smith: Patriot Commercial Cleaning, MSW Grad SLU, The Mission Continues Fellow, ProNet International Gifts & Scholarships, hires veterans.

Paul Szoldra: Writer The Duffel Blog and Business Insider.

Combine ALL schools to plan 1 event for Veteran’s Day. We need united front and participation. This will only help each school’s programs. Subcommittee: James, Jon, Angie, Doug, Ed, Alex. Graham Chapel is taken so we are working on Edison Theatre. More to follow.

Spring Event Ideas still in the works:

  1. Service Project maybe in march. Partner with the Mission Continues (James is in contact with 1st Platoon Platoon Leader.
  2. Big get-togethers with family members potluck style (suggestion from Ed). He can get us a room at Law School.
  3. Almost Sunrise movie showing. Tentative date is Friday, April 7 at 7 p.m. at UMSL.
  4. End of semester BBQ with family members. Saving our budget for this. We will buy meat. Looked for a shelter at Tower Grove, none available.
  5. Trivia night. The sub hoc committee is James, Doug, Angie. Date tbd.

Need to begin grant process with SVA.

Budget for 2017-18 school year is due to them June 1st. Will probably get an email with invitation for the class they give. I think it was in April last year.

Ask Jon Slack who is the new President for Business School

Washington University website needs to be updated to reflect growing student veterans’ community on campus. (Angie is fixing this)

April 19th Vetworking event being planned by James and Ed at Law School. More to follow.

End of Summer BBQ / Family event. Bring side dish. We will pay for meat. Looking for a good park to have it in because Tower Grove is taken. Sat May 6 or Sun May 7.

Next meeting is April 4th Engineering School. Room to be determined.