January 24, 2017 Minutes

WUVets Meeting Minutes
January 24, 2016
Lieberman Grad Center

In attendance:
James Petersen        Brown President, WUVETS
Ed Tjaden Law          President Law School Student Veterans Association
Doug Crossen           Brown Treasurer, WUVETS
Angela Peacock        UCollege Secretary/ Social Media, WUVETS
Will White                  UCollege
Alex Reiter                Engineering
Peter Taylor              UCollege
Cody Bishop             UCollege
Ann Merkle               A&S Anthropology
Waverly Pinkston      Brown
Robert Daley             ?
Bradford Duncan       Ranken Technical Institute
Elliot Hughes             Law
Jon Slack Olin           President, Olin Student Veterans
Don Nordin                Olin
Rae English              Brown
Old Business
• James Petersen and Jen Goetz accepted the Student Veterans of America, Chapter of the Year award in Anaheim, CA in January 2017! Thank you all for your participation and hard work to make this happen for us!
• We delivered thank you gifts to Ashley and Kim in the Lieberman Graduate Center for helping us with Veteran’s Day 2016. They donated their gift cards to Wounded Warrior Project and Headstrong in WUVets name. Thank you all for donating.
• We took a vote on logos and decided to add an American flag behind the lettering. Ashley McGruder of Lieberman is getting it fixed with graphic designer.
• After the logo is finished, Doug will order t-shirts and polos. Members who want one can purchase and order through him. More to follow. Price range $15-25.
• We need a vehicle to store documents (like meeting minutes, etc) for the next school year for continuity. Microsoft OneDrive, google docs, or dropbox. Alex suggested OneDrive since it’s joined with our school emails. We will try this out in the next few months and see how it works.

New Business
• Showed the veterans in attendance the new website. It can be found here: https://sites.wustl.edu/wuvets/ Our email is wuvets@wustl.edu
• Spring Event Ideas:
1. Service Project maybe in march. Partner with the Mission Continues (James is in contact with 1st Platoon Platoon Leader.
2. Big get-togethers with family members potluck style (suggestion from Ed). He can get us a room at Law School.
3. Take Mr. David Birge to dinner. (WWII vet who spoke at Veteran’s Day) Unanimous
4. Almost Sunrise movie showing. Tentative date is Friday, April 7 at 7 p.m. at UMSL.
5. End of semester BBQ with family members. Saving our budget for this.
6. Trivia night. The sub hoc committee is James, Doug, Angie. Date tbd.

• Need to begin grant process with SVA.
• Veteran’s Day 2017 planning. Need a veterans / Politician speaker. Ed suggested the panel be focused on veterans who are making a difference now and looking forward instead of backward. James suggests smaller panel than 2016. Angie emailed Tammy Duckworth and we are crossing our fingers. Jon suggested that Olin has alumni they can ask for speakers. He also suggested the venue to be Emerson Auditorium in Bauer Hall with Knight Hall being the reception area. Another member suggested Dave Belin a Brigadier General with 3 tours. Angie suggested Kayla Williams who wrote 2 books (1 about being a caregiver of her wounded husband, one about her own tour in Iraq. She is now the Director of the VA’s Center for Women Veterans. Combine ALL schools to plan 1 event for Veteran’s Day. We need united front and participation. This will only help each school’s programs. Subcommittee: James, Jon, Angie, Doug, Ed, Alex
• Washington University website needs to be updated to reflect growing student veterans’ community on campus. (Angie will fix this)
• Dan Nordin from Olin talked about Service to School. Email him for more info or visit: http://service2school.org/
• Elections will be at the end of February. If you would like to run for office, please send 1 pager to James Petersen by February 14. jamesdpetersen@wustl.edu. We will put up a survey to cast votes from February 17-20. New cabinet will be announced February 21st at meeting.
• Pat Tillman Foundation scholarships are opening in February. http://pattillmanfoundation.org/apply-to-be-a-scholar/
• Olin Business School is hosting Impact Investing seminar on February 24 1-5pm. http://impactsymposium.weebly.com/
• Next meeting is February 21st law school. Room to be determined.
Notes from Jen Goetz that were handed out at meeting…

– SVA has a wealth of resources our chapter and student vets should tap into (new job portal, NVEST, scholarships, chapter grants, College Factual, Mercer was Match, VMock, and Veterati to name a few). Everyone should sign up as a member on SVA’s website to get latest updates and check this info out.

– Univ of California system has a Red, White and Blue initiative very similar to the vision we have for Wash U. Red: outreach, admissions, and onboarding. White: campus programs and outreach. Blue: career development post-grad and alumni programs. This can serve as a model for setting up Wash U’s program.

– For the rest of this school year, I’d recommend focusing on Red initiatives and supporting the veteran admissions and onboarding process, such as coordinating with admissions to have a veteran orientation module as part of the overall new student orientation. This could include a few hours to talk about veteran benefits, certification process, connecting with vet community on and off campus, expectation for self and others as a nontraditional student, importance of demonstrating formal and informal leadership in and out of classroom, and tour of key campus offices such as SCO, where ROTC is located, etc. I could go on but I think it’s important to hit new vets early with a message of inclusivity and that they belong and are valued at Wash U.

– Determine key WUVETS priorities for next year and develop leadership positions that will help meet those priorities. Right now we have a few exec positions and 1 or 2 committee leads. What makes sense to add as we look to grow? Leadership/professional development? Membership development? Partnerships? Fundraising? Alumni relations? We should focus on growing leaders and this will be one way to accomplish. We have a high standard to live up to now.

– Since I’m talking about leadership, it’s worth emphasizing our role as leaders on campus, whether it’s something we want or not. We have the talent and ability to move mountains and even when we’re not in formal leadership roles, we should leverage our experiences and perspectives to make a positive impact to the campus and community, and create pathways for others to do the same. That may mean taking on a small project in WUVETS (many hands equals less work for all) or being a dissenting voice to stand up for something we believe strongly about. I’ll get off my soapbox for now, but I think it’s that important to embrace it, which is why I mention it here.

– Create timeline for upcoming SVA events, deadlines, awards, and integrate into WUVETS master calendar.

– Develop WUVETS business cards and marketing materials.

– Work with IT to create a listserv of student vets that can be used by administration, SCO, WUVETS, etc. May require topdown support from Hank’s office to implement.


Jennifer Goetz
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