December 11, 2016 Minutes

WUVets Meeting Minutes
December 11, 2016
Law School Room 309

In attendance:
James Paterson, Brown President, WUVETS
Jennifer Goetz, Brown President, Brown School Veterans
Paul Joshu, UCollege
Doug Crossen, Brown, Treasurer, WUVETS
Angela Peacock, UCollege Secretary/ Social Media, WUVETS
David Grant, Brown
Will White, UCollege
Alex Reiter, Engineering

Old Business
Doug still working on logo and t-shirts
James getting Leiberman to work on new logo for us
Doug is collecting money for a thank you gift for people who helped us during veteran’s day event. Please see him if you would like to donate.
Angie is getting a few things (not listing here for privacy) for this thank you gift. We will sign and deliver after final exams.
Veteran’s Day was an amazing event. Great work by everyone who attended and helped out!

New Business
WUVETS is in top 3 for Student Veterans of America chapter of the Year. 2 representatives from WUVETS will be sent to SVA NatCon to be present when the winner is announced.

We have a vacancy on the Board. We need a Vice President and hopefully someone that will be at WashU next year. If you would like to run for office, please post in the Facebook group and we can vote.

Jennifer Goetz and David Grant talked about a Legacy project for Brown School vets. They are still discussing what that will be: Alumni program/ website,

Washington University website needs to be updated to reflect growing student veterans’ community on campus

SLU livestreams their meetings, maybe this is an option for us as well.

Need spring service project for WUVETS campus wide to work together on. If you have ideas please post to FB group. One idea is a trivia night as a fun fundraiser and social event. Another idea is Arbor Center that houses homeless vets and has a mental health program. They have their own garden that feeds the occupants and they sell the rest.