Jan 18: Spring Kickoff

Spring Kickoff!

January 18, 2018

10:00-10:15: Welcome, Announcements, Viz of the Day (Maggie, Manan, and Pat)
10:15-10:45: New Year’s Resolution: Best practices and opportunities to learn Tableau (Maggie)
10:45-11:00: Tableau and Trick or Treaters (Brian Marston)

Happy New Year! Join us as we kickoff the semester with lots of resources and opportunities for you to acquire or improve your Tableau skills. We’ll also wrap up with an example from our community of how to apply these skills.

Start with an incredibly small habit: Subscribe to the VOTD
Increase your habit in small ways: Share a VOTD at WUTUG
Break habit down into chunks: Lead an exercise at WUTUG
When you slip, get back on track: Introducing virtual WU TUG! (see weekly email agendas for Adobe Connect link)
Be patient, stick to a pace you can sustain: The community is here for you