4/16/2020: Chart Chat

Chart Chat

April 16, 2020

10:00-10:40 Webinar: Chart Chat

We won’t be hosting a Zoom session this week but we highly encourage you to register and tune in for Chart Chat with Jeffrey Shaffer, Steve Wexler, Amanda Makulec, and Andy Cotgreave that is happening at the same time.

By tuning in you’ll learn how to apply their thought processes to your own work. You’ll be entertained, and you’ll build better data visualizations.

In this Chart Chat we’ll look at the Index Chart popularized by the Financial Times and how and why you should use it in your own organizations, how the New York Times reported record unemployment claims (Jeff liked it, Steve hated it), issues around data humanism, some of the best work we’ve seen over the past few weeks (including a new chart type that warrants a discussion), and of course, a few Screaming Cats.

Length: 40 minutes
Format: 5-minute recap from last episode, 20-minute presentation, 5-minute lightning round, 10 minutes Q&A.