Advisory Group

Tableau Advisory Group

Representatives of Danforth, WUSM, and CFU units that are actively using Tableau Desktop and/or Server:

  • Rachel Amrhein (Undergraduate Admissions)
  • Ryan Croft (Office of the University Registrar)
  • Maggie Konich Fiock (Arts & Sciences)
  • Jaclyn French (University Advancement)
  • Laura Kraus (McKelvey School of Engineering)
  • David Leisure (WUIT-End User Services)
  • David Li (WU Investment Management Company)
  • Tiffany Parrett (WUIT-Data Management & MyDay)
  • Viktoryia Schnose (Human Resources)
  • Manan Shroff (Office of the VC for Research)
  • Mary Sommer (School of Medicine-Anesthesiology)
  • Rooji Sugathan (WUIT-Data Management)
  • Angelina Sylvain (The Graduate School)

If you have an ongoing question or concern about Tableau, please email