Thursdays 10-11am

Danforth Campus  |  Cupples II Hall  |  Room 221

WU TUG is the Washington University Tableau User Group. We welcome any member of the WashU community interested in learning about data visualization and Tableau software. Our meetings are not formal training workshops, rather we come together as a supportive group to show-and-tell current projects, share helpful tips, and discuss additional data analysis resources on campus.

Looking for Tableau and data viz training? WUIT has several online offerings: check out their options

Need to create a Tableau Server site or request access to an existing site? Visit the BIDW security and access page

Need to log in to view a dashboard? Visit the Tableau Server page

Fall 2019


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Share your thoughts!

What have you been working on lately? Have you built an awesome dashboard? Have you finally figured out how to get Tableau to do something it just wouldn't do? Share what you've learned with WU TUG! Do you have a topic you would like to see in a future session? Give us a heads up.

Send your thoughts to wutug@wustl.edu!

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