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Spring 2021

Friday Archaeology is our community, space, and time to come together and share ideas, data, and our passion about archaeology. This website provides a calendar, announcements, and resources of interest to members of our WashU archaeology community and beyond!

Dr. Petra Vaiglova, a Postdoctoral Research Associate of Archaeology in the Department of Anthropology explains her research on past interactions between humans, plants and animals in a range of environmental settings at Tedx!


  • If you would like to present or invite someone to present for an empty Friday Arch slot, please email Sara Baitzel
  • Society of Black Archaeologists is featured on Hulu’s Your Attention Please! Available to watch via YouTube:

Friday Archaeology Event Calendar

January 29:

Spring Social and Leonard Blake’s Birthday

February 5:

Dr. Jake Lulewicz (WashU)

The Early Materialization of Democratic Institutions among the Ancestral Mvskoke (Creek) of the American Southeast

February 12:

Dr. Xinyi Liu (WashU)

Pot, Grain and the Waxy Alleles: Dissembling ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ cuisines

February 19:

Archaeology Conversations: Decolonizing the Syllabus

February 26:

Dr. Alfredo Gonzalez-Ruibal (Institute of Heritage Studies of the Spanish National Research Council)

An archaeology of refugees in precolonial Africa: The case of the Horn

March 5:

Dr. Talia Dan-Cohen (WashU)

Complexity in Anthropology

March 12:

Mana Hayashi Tang (WashU)

Paleoethnobotany of weedy companions: The Chenopodium album aggregate in China

March 19:

Dr. April Beisaw (Vassar College)

From Alcatraz to Standing Rock: Archaeology and Contemporary Native American Protests (1969-Today)

March 26:

Archaeology Conversations: the importance of giving yourself a break! (No Friday Archaeology this week)

April 2 :

Dr. David Freidel (WashU)

April 9 :

Archaeological conversations: Field Work and Covid-19

April 16 :

Proposal practice presentations: Su Kai

April 23 :

Grant Stauffer (WashU)

Cahokia: Ramey Field Findings

April 30 :

End of Semester Social

Archaeology Resources

Upcoming Conferences:

Society for American Archaeology, April 15-17. Virtual conference this year.

Theoretical Archaeology Group, April 30-May 2. Virtual and free this year!