The UNFCCC admits about 2,000 non-governmental organizations to attend the Conference of the Parties and Subsidiary Body meetings as observer bodies. The observer organizations have assembled into “constituencies” based on shared interests and perspectives. Constituency groups and their focal points function as a way for the secretariat and stakeholders to maintain communication and interactions. The Washington University Delegation is member of the Research and Independent Non-Governmental Organization (RINGO) constituency, a group of organizations that aim to address the causes and consequences of global climate change by engaging in independent research and analysis. During the Conference of the Parties and Subsidiary Body meetings of the UNFCCC, the RINGO constituency organizes meetings to discuss developments of the negotiations. RINGOs are the second-largest constituency, comprising 25% of the admitted NGOs, and have been represented at workshops organized by the UNFCCC Secretariat.

RINGO activities are coordinated by a steering committee. Beth Martin, the leader of the Washington University Delegation, sits on the steering committee and serves as a Co-Focal Point to the RINGO constituency alongside law professor Tracy Bach. If you are interested in participating in the RINGO constituency you can contact the RINGO focal points

To receive announcements and information concerning the RINGO constituency, please join our listserv by emailing, and in the body of the email put “Subscribe RINGO_UNFCCC [Your name]”. Your request will then by forwarded for approval to be added to the list.