COP 21 was held in Paris, France in December 2015.

Washington University sent the following delegates:

  • Nick Annin; Environmental Policy, College of Arts and Sciences,  2017. Followed Article 4- Adaptation and Article 5- Loss and damage
  • Taylor Blevin; Chemical Engineering and Economics, College of Engineering and Applied Science, 2017. Followed Article 3- Mitigation
  • Melody Burns; Graduate Student, International Affairs, University College. Followed Article 10- Global stocktake and the procedural articles
  • Elise Fabbro; Joint Degree Program, School of Law and Olin School of Business. Followed Article 6- Finance
  • Cameron Pulley; International and Area Studies and Environmental Policy, College of Arts and Sciences, 2016. Followed Article 9- Transparency and Article 11- Facilitating implementation and compliance
  • Talia Rubnitz; International and Area Studies, College of Arts and Sciences, 2016. Followed Article 6- Finance


  • Amanda Bender; Doctoral Student, Earth and Planetary Sciences. Followed the Preamble and objectives

During COP 21, our delegates hosted the Young RINGO booth which served as a meeting spot for youth researchers across the COP. 

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