“And if there are no other requests to speak from the floor, this meeting will suspend” Today at my third day of COP, the resolutions of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Paris Agreement (APA) again suspended its closing plenary due to concerns from the Africa Group on taking stock of the progress made by the subsidiary and constituted bodies during the COP. – Sean Fallon, Washington University Delegate

Delegates Hannah Greenhouse and Andrea Godshalk

Vice President Gore highlights the importance of cities, states, institutions and businesses in continuing to move forward on climate challenges.

“This year, the U.N. Climate Change Conference in split into 2 zones: the Bonn Zone (where the exciting side events, exhibits and country pavilions are) and the Bula Zone (where the negotiations take place). I’ve been biking between the two zones through a beautiful park along the Rhine River.” – Sarah Greenberg, Washington University delegate

Delegates Ingrid Archibald and Andrea Godshalk

Delegates Vanessa Wu, Sarah Greenberg, and Sean Fallon at the U.S. Climate Action Center #WeAreStillIn

Junior Seth Blum (left), remotes in to share COP experiences with Prof. Gillian Bowser’s freshman Introduction to Env. Policy class at Clark University.

“This art installation is located between the Bonn Zone (where side events and pavilions are) and the Bula Zone (where negotiations occur). It serves as a reminder, as we travel back and forth between the two, that people have always had to fight for causes and climate change is no different. Although COP is formally a set of meetings for negotiators, it is also an incredible epicenter for activists and people who care deeply about this movement.” – Ingrid Archibald Washington University delegation

Washington University is active in the Research Institution constituency within the UNFCCC with faculty Beth Martin serving as co-focal point. Beth is shown here asking a question of the APA co-chairs on behalf of the RINGO constituency. Senior Hannah Greenhouse is next to her and Sam Fox graduate student Andrea Godshalk in the background.

Beth Martin snapping a photo with Andrea Goldshalk, Hannah Greenhouse, Ingrid Archibald and Seth Blum. #WeAreStillIn