The Washington University Network for Dissemination and Implementation Research (WUNDIR) was created in 2010 to provide individuals interested in D&I science with an informal research network collaborative. WUNDIR meetings help to introduce D&I concepts to those new to the field and forge a transdisciplinary understanding of the methodological issues and conceptual challenges required for D&I scholarship. For more information about WUNDIR, you can go here.

The Dissemination and Implementation Research Core (DIRC) is an ICTS methods core led by Dr. Enola Proctor (Director), and Drs. Ross Brownson, Doug Luke, Graham Colditz, and Ana Baumann (DIRC Coordinator). The mission of DIRC is to accelerate the public health impact of clinical and health services research at Washington University by increasing the engagement of ICTS investigators in later stages of translational research

The Dissemination and Implementation in Diabetes Research Core is part of the Center for Diabetes Translation Research (CDTR). The CDTR aims to support studies with focus in diabetes and disparities, and with prevention of obesity as a major contributing cause of Type 2 diabetes. The core is led by Drs. Enola Proctor and Rachel Tabak.