WU Cinema is run entirely by a group of dedicated students, alongside our technical manager Brett, and we’re always keen to welcome new people to the team.

As a committee member you’ll get involved in choosing the films we show, together with helping with the day-to-day running of the society itself.  Joining committee is an amazing opportunity to learn about the Film Industry and Cinemas. With an emphasis on laid-back meetings, screenings, and discussion, WU Cinema is as much a social club as it is a movie club.  We welcome film majors, film fans, or even anyone just mildly interested in movies; all are welcome!

To find out more about joining WU Cinema please contact us at: WU-Cinema@email.wustl.edu

How to become a volunteer

Anyone can volunteer at WU Cinema. Volunteers are asked to commit to working at least one screening per month for the duration of the semester in one of the capacities listed below.

Ticket/Concession sellers are in charge of selling tickets and concessions before the movie. This is probably the easiest volunteer position and requires the smallest time commitment, about 45 minutes per shift. Ticket sellers should be at the theater and ready to sell tickets at least thirty minutes before the beginning of the show, and are needed until 15 minutes after the show has begun.

Concession workers are responsible for working the popcorn machine and serving popcorn and other refreshments.

Ushers are in charge of taking tickets, cleaning the cinema after a movie. They help to ensure first-rate show quality by acting as the projectionist’s “eyes and ears” in the auditorium and alerting the booth about eventual problems. They should arrive 45 minutes before their assigned show and are needed until a few minutes after the show has ended.

Apprentice projectionists help the projectionists with their job while learning to do it themselves. A volunteer must have one semester of experience before being eligible for an apprentice projectionist position. We require that all of our projectionists pass a demonstrative exam before becoming a full projectionist.

Projectionists are responsible for the projection of the movie. Projectionists must be highly competent in the use of 35mm projectors and digital cinema formats. They must be able to deal with emergencies – broken equipment or damaged film – quickly and confidently. Projection is one of the most important jobs at WU Cinema, and should not be taken lightly.

Show captains are responsible for leading the showtime team and making sure shows run smoothly. They coordinate with the projectionists, the ticket sellers, and the ushers, make an introductory speech for the show, and record show statistics for later use. The show captain must arrive 45 minutes before the show to open the theater.

Social Media Volunteer, you will be involved in: Establishing an/or maintaining active social media accounts. Researching and creating creative content for different social media channels. Identifying opportunities to establish relationships with local community groups

Webmaster: Design & update information on WU Cinema website as needed.

Patrons can suggest titles for upcoming calendars or make other suggestions. We can’t promise we’ll take the suggestions, but we can promise we’ll read them!

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