Iron Horse (Competitive Team)

Iron Horse (IH) is a fun, loving community dedicated to playing ultimate at the highest level we possibly can, achieved through teamwork, self-initiated improvement, and a fierce competitive drive. We are looking to perform the best that we can during our competitive season in the Spring, and do so with a team-first attitude. Attendance at practice is expected, and this team should be a time priority. We expect everyone to work their hardest both on and off the field to maximize their performance. Iron horse has a fast-paced learning environment where we are inspired by our teammates and encourage them to become the best players they can be.  

Locamotive (Development Team)

Locamotive (Loca) is a team focused on learning the fundamentals of ultimate, both as individuals and a team. We are less focused on results throughout the season and more focused on growth and improvement of every individual player. We are flexible around practice attendance in that we recognize that members of our team have other commitments and activities outside of frisbee, but still maintain a level of commitment in order to get as much as we can out of our team. Finally, we are a fun, supportive, and close knit team that strives to create a welcoming environment for all.


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All Region Successes

All Region Successes

This season WashU’s women were given important and exciting awards from the region. One of Iron Horse’s coaches, Anat Gross, won All Region Coach of the Year for the South Central Division. Anat took Iron Horse and transformed them in a matter of just one season. She is a Washington University alumni and helped lead the […]
Iron Horse: Spring 2018 Wrap Up

Iron Horse: Spring 2018 Wrap Up

Iron Horse had a very successful season this spring. Entering their first tournament ranked 64th in the nation, they worked hard all year, beating key teams to grow to 21st in the nation. Before the spring season even begun, Iron Horse showed promise in their performance at Missouri Loves Company in the fall. Their first […]
Callahan Nomination: Steph Wang

Callahan Nomination: Steph Wang

Wuwu is proud to nominate Steph Wang for the 2018 Callahan. Below is her nomination, written by Anat Gross: Steph started playing ultimate her freshman year of high school in Baton Rouge, La. As one of three women, she was able to assert herself as a valued member of the team. She excelled under great […]

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