The Women’s Law Caucus (WLC), founded in 1972, strives to emphasize the development and achievements of women in the field of law while fostering relationships among law students, faculty, and the community at large. As one of the largest and most active student-run organizations at WashULaw, the WLC seeks to educate students about issues facing women in the legal field and to inspire members to overcome gender-based barriers. Through public service projects and outreach to leading female lawyers and academics, our members build foundations for their futures in law. The value of the organization lies in our diverse backgrounds and experiences; we seek to cultivate a stimulating and supportive environment where students can equally contribute to, and share in, this resource. The Women’s Law Caucus is the largest student-run group at WashULaw.

Executive Board

President – Hannah Grage

Vice President – Lauryn Wengert

Secretary – Victoria Radke

Treasurer – Emily Collins

Professional Development – Emma Deering

Social – Gilly Kelly

Community Service/Outreach – Clara Sodon

Diversity & Inclusion – Bréia Maddox