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Wang, Z., McCracken, S., and Williams, P.R. Transpupillary two-photon in vivo imaging of the mouse retina (2021). J Vis Exp 168, e61970.

Williams, P.R., Benowitz, L.I., Goldberg, J.L., and He, Z. Axon regeneration in the mammalian optic nerve (2020). Annu Rev Vis Sci 6, 195-213.

Zhang, Y.*, Williams, P.R.*#, Jacobi, A., Wang, C., Goel, A., Hirano, A.A., Brecha, N.C., Kerschensteiner, D., and He, Z. Elevating growth factor responsiveness and axon regeneratino by modulating presynaptic inputs (2019). Neuron 103(1), 39-51. *Equal contribution #Corresponding author

Witte, M.E., Schumacher, A.M., Mahler, C.F., Bewersdort, J.P., Lehmitz, J., Scheiter, A., Sanchez, P., Williams, P.R., Griesbeck, O., Naumann, R., Misgeld, T., and Kerschensteiner, M. Calcium influx through plasma-membrane nanoruptures drives axon degeneration in a model of multiple sclerosis (2019). Neuron 101(4), 615-624.

Liu, Y., Wang, X., Li, W., Zhang, Q., Li, Y., Zhang, Z., Zhu, J., Chen, B., Williams, P. R., Zhang,  Y., Yu, B., and He Z. A sensitized IGF1 treatment restores corticospinal axon-dependent  functions (2017). Neuron 95(4), 817-833.

Nawabi, H., Belin, S., Cartoni, R., Williams, P. R., Wang, C., Latremoliere, A., Wang, X., Fu, X., Taub,  D.B., Yu, B., Woolf, C.J., Liu, J.S., Gabel, C.V., Steen, J.A. and He, Z. Doublecortin-like kinases  promote neuronal survival and induce growth cone reformation via distinct mechanisms (2015). Neuron  88 (4), 1-16. 

Williams, P. R., Marincu, B.N., Sorbara, C.D., Mahler, C.F., Schumacher, A.M., Griesbeck, O.,  Kerschensteiner, M. and Misgeld, T. A recoverable state of axon injury persists for hours after spinal  cord contusion in vivo (2014). Nat Commun 5 (5683).

Kleele, T., Marinkovic, P., Williams, P. R., Stern, S., Weigand, E.E., Engerer, P., Naumann, R.,  Hartmann, J., Karl, R.M., Bradke, F., Bishop, D., Herms, J., Konnerth, A., Kershensteiner, M., Godinho,  L. and Misgeld T. An assay to image neuronal microtubule dynamics in mice (2014). Nat Commun 5  (4827).

Breckwoldt, M.O., Pfister, F.M., Bradley, P.M., Marinkovic, P., Williams, P. R., Brill, M.S., Plomer, B.,  Schmalz, A., St. Clair, D.K., Naumann, R., Griesbeck, O., Schwarzlander, M., Godinho, L., Bareyre, F.M.,  Dick, T.P., Kerschensteiner, M. and Misgeld, T. Multiparametric optical analysis of mitochondrial redox  signals during neuronal physiology and pathology in vivo (2014). Nat Med 20 (5), 555-560.

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