WeBelong! Fall 2019

WeBelong! Workshop Idea

We Belong! CS@WashU is a workshop about computing for women by women. Our third WeBelong workshop will be held on Saturday September 11th 2021 in Urbauer 304 and the Urbauer Computer Labs (214, 215, 216).

Our goal is to bring together women in computing from WashU and the St. Louis area to promote computing to female first-year students. Returning participants are very welcome – the event will have a different panel and different hand-son sessions (see below).   

If you’re wondering what it’s like to study CS or pursue a career in computing, or if you want to meet other women from the WashU computing community, this event is for YOU! RSVP by Wed 09/08 here.

The workshop is hosted by the CSE department, WiCS, and Girls Who Code.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions: m dot neumann at wustl dot edu, kathleen dot lund at wustl dot edu, or nataliacastillo at wustl dot edu.

Spring 2021 WeBelong! Schedule

  • Mentoring Social: Meet Upper Class(wo)men and Faculty
    • 1-2pm and 2-3pm in Urbauer 304 
    • informal meet and chat setting with 1-2 volunteers (upperclasswomen and faculty) and 4-5 participants per table in Lopata Gallery
  • Workshop Sessions 
    • CSE131 hands-on session – get a head-start on your CS1 assignment
      • in Urbauer 216
      • Bring your Laptop!
      • TAs/Volunteers: Camila Garcia-Novelli, TBA
    • [To be confirmed] The intelligent piece of paper – game playing in Artificial Intelligence
      • A gentle introduction to game theory and the possibility to program your first intelligent agent!
      • in Urbauer 215
      • Instructor(s): Stylianos Vasileiou, Cynthia Ma
    • Ethics in Computer Science ….from Automation to AI
      • An inspiring and active discussion about ethics and critical thinking for computer science.
      • in Urbauer 214
      • Instructor(s): Sandra Matteucci


There is no obligation to attend all of it, but of course you are welcome to do so!

To sign up, fill out this form.

Fall 2019 WeBelong!

FL19 WeBelong! Program & Volunteer Introduction

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