William Byansi, MSW: Byansi’s research interests are children and adolescent mental health services, utilization of services, community-based economic development, and adolescent HIV care in limited-resource settings, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. His current work explores the individual, community, and structural factors that facilitate access and utilization of mental health services among adolescent girls as well as the different pathways through which access and utilization are influenced. He received his bachelor’s in Social Work from Makerere University, Kampala Uganda, and his Master’s in Social Work from the Silver School at New York University.  Previously, Byansi worked at Kampiringisa National Rehabilitation Center in Uganda–the only facility established for children experiencing behavioral difficulties providing counseling and support services. In addition, Byansi worked as a Senior Programs Assistant for International Center for Child Health and Development, a research center based in Uganda. He oversaw field research activities as well as administrative tasks.

                      Contact: byansiw@wustl.edu

                                            CV: Curriculum Vitae_William Nov 2020