About the Study

The Neural Correlates of Excitability, Irritability, and Surgency Study (NeuCorE+) is designed to help understand how children’s emotional intensity relates to brain activations while experiencing and regulating emotions. From this study, we hope to learn more about how children with big emotions experience their emotional response and how they regulate this response. By learning more about the brain activations of children with big emotions, we hope to create better interventions to help children and families manage their emotions and behaviors.

This study will be recruiting new participants ages 7-10 years old.

What to Expect

Parents will be interviewed virtually, and parents and children will fill out questionnaires about the child’s moods, thoughts, and emotions. Then, children will be taught a short emotion regulation skill to use when seeing emotional pictures and videos while in the MRI scanner. MRI is a safe, non-invasive brain imaging tool that does not involve any radiation. Children will have the opportunity to experience a pretend MRI scanner before entering the actual MRI scanner.  


Children will receive a picture of their brain and will be compensated $25 for every hour or part of the hour for the scan visit.  Parents will be compensated $25 per hour for time spent completing the interview, and they will also receive $25 for completing surveys at the scan visit.

Please contact us at 314-273-5268 or WAVElab@wustl.edu with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions about MRI Studies