Blockchain has become a trending technology because of cryptocurrency. Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in number of different cryptocurrency types. The reason behind this increase is the blockchain technology and the security issues it solves. Blockchain technology is an innovate solution to the double spending problem in transaction system; it replaces the position of bank. Generally speaking, it solves trust issues which used to be solved by the third party. However, the reliability of the third party really effect the security of the system. The idea that the blockchain could eliminate a third party in the system by decentralizing network computing, provides more security than any additional agency. Besides cryptocurrency, blockchain is now widely applied to various other fields.

The voting system is another field that includes a third party with trust issues. Our project will explore the possible solution to secure voting by applying blockchain. Most voting processes require an agent such as local government or another organization. However, to hold an election an organization must have the trust of the majority of people in the voting group, but there will never be one that will gain the trust of every voter. The problem brings to question how an election system can be made to be trusted with the results by all individuals in the voting groups, which would mean absolute fairness and reliable security of the voting information. The answer is blockchain. The blockchain is able to play the role of keeping the votes in the system secure throughout an election.

In our project, we attempt to eliminate the existence of the third party who collects and counts the votes. The trust issue will be solved by applying blockchain on a decentralized network. The system will make sure the results are exactly based on the votes collected and attacks will be avoided.