The blockchain technology is an advance data security algorithm based on decentralized networks. It has been widely applied in digital currency and data security fields. The most important key of the Blockchain is that it could achieve absolute secure level with an ideal decentralized network. The key for security in Blockchain is the proof-of-work, however, it also consumes a great deal of computational power. Many of the hardware solutions for Blockchain has been proposed to reduce the consumption of power, where most of the solutions are focused on the SHA-256, which is a hashing algorithm. However, we are going to deliver a hardware solution, not only for the specific hashing algorithm, but a solution that generates the entire blockchain, which includes data encryption and decryption, network communication, data validation and data mining. The solution should give a fast and power-saving blockchain algorithm in hardware. The idea of the Blockchain is to eliminate the data insecurity from a third party that has the power to prove data validation, such as bank in the financial system. Therefore, we adopt the election system, since voters do not have the power to count the results, so they rely on a third certification organization. In our solution, the blockchain will replace the certification organization such that the blockchain itself will secure and store the data in the decentralized network formed by the voting machine, which is the hardware we implement in this project. The result of the voting in the network will also be broadcasted to the entire network. Our hardware solution will provide a fast and power-saving system that is able to generate a blockchain and, ideally, give a very high-level security of voting data and correct results.



Xuzhou ‘Ricky’ He

B.S. Electrical Engineering

M.S. Computer Science



Dyon Buitenkamp

B.S. Electrical Engineering

M.S. Computer Engineering



Shantanu Chakrabartty

Project Instructor



Jason Trobaugh

Project Instructor



Xuan ‘Silvia’ Zhang

Project Advisor



Wei Yan

Project Advisor