I have been teaching full-time at Washington University in St. Louis since Fall 2011. Among the courses I taught in the School of Engineering and Applied Science are

  • ESE 309 Matrix Algebra
  • ESE 319 Engineering Mathematics B
  • ESE 326 Probability and Statistics for Engineering
  • ESE 415 Optimization
  • ESE 427 Financial Mathematics
  • ESE 501 Mathematics of Modern Engineering I
  • ESE 502 Mathematics of Modern Engineering II
  • ESE 520 Probability and Stochastic Processes

The courses I am teaching in Spring 2019 are on the right. Some general information about those courses is available here but the detailed information can be accessed only though Canvas. To access that additional information, you must be registered for the course.

A note to students: I am always looking for good students to help me with my upcoming courses working as a TA/grader. If interested, please feel free to contact me.