Andrei Vlassenko

Andrei Vlassenko, M.D., Ph.D. is a Principal Investigator of the lab. Dr. Vlassenko is an internationally known expert on brain metabolism and brain PET imaging. He has performed numerous studies on brain metabolism at Washington University for over two decades and now leads large NIH-funded studies on brain metabolism and aging.

Manu Goyal

Manu S. Goyal, M.D., M.Sc. is a Principal Investigator of the lab. Dr. Goyal is a trained neuroradiologist, radiologist, and neurologist, who has research and clinical expertise in brain imaging, and particularly in imaging data processing and analysis. He co-leads the NIH-funded studies with Dr. Vlassenko. In addition, he is involved in international efforts to understand how metabolism influences brain development and aging, and also directs acute stroke imaging for Washington University.

Marc Raichle

Marcus E. Raichle, M.D. is a Principal Investigator and senior mentor of the lab. Dr. Raichle is an internationally renowned, award winning neuroscientist who pioneered functional imaging of the brain, discovered the default mode network, advanced PET and MRI methods for brain imaging, and characterized aerobic glycolysis in the brain, among many other important contributions to neuroscience. Along with helping to lead studies in the lab, he participates in many other wide ranging studies related to understanding the intrinsic activity of the brain.

Tony Durbin

Tony Durbin, M.A. is the Senior Research Coordinator and Lab Manager for the Vlassenko-Goyal Lab. He has played a similar role in prior neuroimaging laboratories, and manages all aspects of our lab including participant recruitment, study procedures, regulatory management, proofreading and data analysis.

Lars Couture

Lars Couture, B.A. is our Lead Imaging Analyst. He has extensive experience in processing and analyzing brain PET data. He is developing methods to improve partial volume correction methods to allow the PET data to be analyzed at the voxel and surface level.

Alicia Kniepkamp

Alicia Kniepkamp, A.A.S. is a Research Coordinator in our lab and the newest member of our team! Along with Tony Durbin, she manages the daily lab operations, data management, and helps recruit participants and coordinate study procedures.

Stephanie Schultz

Stephanie Schultz, B.S. is a graduate student in Neuroscience in the Washington University Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences (D.B.B.S.). She brings her expertise in exercise neuroscience to advance our investigations in how changing the body’s metabolism might affect brain metabolism.

Tyler Blazey

Tyler Blazey, B.S. is a graduate student in Neuroscience in the Washington University Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences (D.B.B.S.) with Professor Raichle. 

Hussain Jafri

Hussain Jafri, B.S. coordinates and runs PET imaging for various studies including ours. He is a vital member of our team ensuring that participants in our studies get the utmost care and attention, while making sure that we obtain the highest quality brain PET data.