This project was undertaken by Yifan Wang and Stephen Gower over the summer of 2015, in an attempt to implement avoidance using a paired sensor arrangement. The idea is simple: the Kinect has excellent mapping of it’s surroundings, but a large blind spot in its near-field, while the Ultrasonic Transducer(UST) does not have this same problem, yet lacks in its ability to gather detailed information about the surroundings especially at far-field.

Using this knowledge, it would make sense then that the two sensors could be intelligently paired to mask each other’s failings while allowing for the strengths to shine for each sensor. The scope of this project is limited to getting a working model for a simple avoidance field. Neither I nor Yifan had extensive experience in robotic obstacle avoidance prior to undertaking this project and as such there was a lot of learning to be done.

With this in mind, we are publishing the results of our project and the code with detailed explanation as to how we reached our result. In the case of our robot, we were satisfied with the relatively consistent performance and we managed to at least regularly avoid arrangements of at least three obstacles regularly.