Until early 2016, the University City Police Department was housed in a building north of City Hall. However, in February of that year, the building was condemned due to mold and leaks. In April 2016, a St. Louis County circuit judge ordered the department to relocate within 3 months. As we near two years since the department’s evacuation of the old facility, the department is still working out of temporary trailers and has yet to make a plan for a permanent relocation.

University City Police Department’s temporary facility

Gregory Rose was hired as City Manager in late 2017. Faced with the remaining challenge of finding a permanent location to serve as the new headquarters of the police department, Rose proposed an alternative model with multiple smaller facilities in early February 2018. He suggested that this strategy could cut both crime and cost in the city. Local news station KMOV reported that the locations of the facilities would be decided based on crime data.

Project Objective

The objective of this project was to develop a solution that addresses the lack of a permanent police facility in University City and assess the feasibility and possible consequences of Mr. Rose’s plan. I used linear programming to determine the optimal locations for the proposed smaller police stations by minimizing the distance from these stations to the locations of reported crimes.