Project Deliverables

Complete design and model of the following, so that installation can begin upon approval from administration

  • New 9.8kW solar array supplementing existing HQ building solar capacity

  • Integrate Tesla Powerwall backup system into existing LLC system

Simulation that estimates energy production and costs savings with the HQ building system over 1 year

  • Using SAM software, predict how much energy will be produced/saved due to new system
  • Determine system cost and payback period

LLC load analysis and simulation of Powerwall backup energy capacity for various solar generation scenarios

  • Assess critical and non-critical loads that Tyson would like backed-up during an outage
  • Simulate Powerwall back-up system in best case, worst case, and no solar-generation scenarios

Financial analysis of implementation costs and annual savings for both the HQ and LLC systems.

  • Compile equipment, design, and installation costs
  • Assess annual savings and project payback period

A final report detailing simulation results, project implementation, and remaining implementation timeline

A spring semester report discussing design finalization, project approval, and equipment installation.