Senior engineering students install solar panels at Washington University in St. Louis Tyson Research Center on Friday, April 19, 2019. (Photo © Whitney Curtis)

Kyle Cepeda

Sarah Chen

Maya Coyle

Kyle Cepeda is a senior majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Kyle has researched the fabrication and electrical analysis of semiconductor thin-films for use in solar cells, and has experience with building electrical design and power distribution.  

Sarah Chen is a senior majoring in Systems Engineering with a concentration in Computer Science. Sarah has taken coursework focusing on control systems and signal processing.

Maya Coyle is a senior majoring in Electrical and Systems Engineering. Through her coursework, Maya has fostered connections with the Tyson Research Center, specifically working with their facilities to add energy producing capacity and sustainable building retrofits.

Much thanks to all of the support we had during this project from:

  • Dr. Jim Feher, our advisor
  • Paul McKnight, CEO of EFS Energy
  • Pete Jamerson, Facilities Manager at Tyson