Designing a cost-effective solution to advance the renewable power framework of the Tyson Research Center 


We aim to mitigate the effects of power outages and promote a more energy efficient campus at the Tyson Research Center by using remaining solar materials from previous projects to expand the current energy systems in use at Tyson. Once installed, the two new systems added to Tyson’s campus will save the research facility $926.04 annually in energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint by 28.4 tons per year, while also providing sustainable backup energy their Living Learning Center during power outages.

What We Did

Using materials donated by a project through the Sam Fox School or Art and Architecture, we proposed a solar array and battery backup system design that can be incorporated into existing facilities. This Capstone project included:

  • Use of industry-grade software to analyze system performance
  • Design of system one-line diagrams in AutoCAD
  • Communication with Tyson, EFS Energy, and WashU advisors to meet client needs while incorporating key concepts from the Electrical and Systems Engineering curriculum

Project Advisors

Project Advisor: Dr. Jim Feher, WUSTL ESE Professor

EFS Energy: Paul McKnight, EFS Founder and CEO

Tyson Research Center: Peter Jamerson, Tyson Facilities Manager

Special Thanks

Tyson Research Center is a dog-friendly campus. We had the honor of meeting Pete Jamerson’s, the facility manager’s, dogs while there.