Advance Registration has closed.

If you are interested in registering for the Conference, you can register onsite.

Onsite Registration opens on Friday, November 8, at 8:00am.

The Conference Registration Desk will be located on Washington University’s Danforth Campus, in Hillman Hall, behind the Clark-Fox Forum.

Category Registration Fee
Regular Admission 2 day $25
Regular Admission 1 day $20
Professional Development
(no CE) 2 day
Professional Development
(no CE) 1 day
Professional Development
with Continuing Education Credits 2 day
Professional Development
with Continuing Education Credits 1 day
Exhibitor Non-Profit 2 day $125
Exhibitor Non-Profit 1 day $75
Exhibitor For-Profit 1 day $200

* Regular admission is for community members, students, conference presenters and moderators.

+ Professional Development (no CE) is for participants attending the conference to enhance their career while not requiring continuing education credits.

++ Continuing Education Credits are available for Social Workers and Counselors; 5.0 CEU’s available for Friday and 4.5 CEU’s available for Saturday.

#The conference provides table space for organizations to share information with conference attendees.   The exhibitor fee includes registration for two people to work the table and attend the conference.  We provide this space for information only.  Researchers may share information about their projects, but should not conduct interviews or collect data at the conference. We expect that organizations that wish to participate in the exhibit area have trans-inclusive policies for their employees.  Information about trans-inclusive employment policies is available here:

If your plans change and you are unable to attend the conference, please notify us.  Unfortunately, due to the conference dates quickly approaching, we are unable to issue refunds for any cancellations we receive.


To learn more about the Oral History Project and to participate in the oral history project, click here.

If you have any questions regarding Registration, Contact the planning committee.