Welcome the New Cohort!!

(Left-Right:  Lauren Crossland-Marr, WashU; Elsa Forner, Marie Le Clainche Piel, EHESS; Natalia Guzman Solano, WashU; Yolande Scholler, Susanne van den Buuse; UvA)

The current cohort for the Social Studies of Institutions exchange 2015-2016 has arrived and settled in St Louis!      They will attend classes, including a class specifically on institutions, and serve as Teaching Assistants at Washington University, St Louis this fall semester.  In January 2016, they will travel to UvA where they will continue to attend class related to institutions, and meet local scholars.  And then, in April 2016, they will conclude the exchange at EHESS, where they will receive feedback on their work in a specialized weekly seminar. Their study with top scholars across these three academies, immersed in three distinct places/cultures, has commenced!  We wish them well, and hope to provide many updates along the way.

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