UVA Lobby, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (March 2016)

Each year, students from each of the three universities (WU, EHESS, UvA) spend the fall in St Louis, the winter in Paris, and the spring in Amsterdam. At each institution they participate in a core research seminar and engage in course-work, research, or writing, according to their individual needs. At each institution, the student has a local mentor to guide her/him toward local resources. The WU students may come from any department; they must have at least a listening competence in French by the time they leave for Paris. Each university assures funding and contributes to travel costs for its own students. The program envisages possibilities for dual degrees; two of our past students have or will be recieving a dual degree with University of Amsterdam. The course in Amsterdam focuses on a thorough overview of culutral sociology.

The Social Studies of Institutions Program is open to two graduate students from each institution for each cohort year for a total of six participants. Graduate students come from a diversity of social sciences backgrounds and include both MA and PhD students.

Graduate students spend time at the three universities attending a core seminar at each location. Aside from the core seminars, students are free to design their own plan for coursework, research, or writing, in consultation with their home advisor. They work under the guidance of a program director.


  • September – December (St. Louis, USA) at Washington University in St. Louis

  • January – March (Amsterdam, NL) at Universitet van Amsterdam (UvA)

  • March to June (Paris, FR) at the L’École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS)

English is the main language of the program in all three universities, however most other seminars at the EHESS are in French. For details of credits, costs, and logistics please contact the coordinator at your institution.