Dr. Adrienne Strong

Dr. Adrienne Strong received a dual PhD degree in anthropology from Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Amsterdam (2017) and is a former Trans-Atlantic Forum participant (2012-2013). Dr. Strong is now an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Florida, where she continues to be interested in researching maternal mortality in […]

Homework and Fieldwork

Why were you excited to participate in the TAF program? The collaborative component! Through the Transatlantic Forum I have been able to exchange ideas directly with a wide network of faculty and graduate students from the three institutions involved. This year- the year I participated (2017/2018)- I am a second-year student from the research masters […]

Studying in St. Louis

Reflections on Life at Wash U and Beyond with Fenneke Wekker (UvA) Why were you excited to participate in TAF program? The main thing for me was the opportunity to live abroad for a period of time, because I’ve never done that before. And I would have never chosen St. Louis, or probably even Paris. […]

Economics (SASE)

2015-2016 SSI participants: Laura Chartain, Lauren Crossland-Marr and Marie Le Clainche-Piel, will all present at the 2017 SASE meetings in Lyon France.

Adeline Denis wins Fulbright

Adeline Denis (cohort 2014-2015), returns to St. Louis after recieving a Fulbright to compare local elections in the US and France. Strong connections made during the SSI, greatly supported her application to study in the U.S. she will be in residence from 2016-2017. OK

Meet Me in St. Louis

An Interview with Irene Bronsvoort (UvA) 1. Tell me about your time in St. Louis. What have you enjoyed most? What was the most difficult aspect of being here? What I enjoyed most about being in St. Louis is the easy interaction with other people, both on- and off campus. In my experience, people here […]

Meet the New Cohort!

(Left-Right:  Marine Jeanne Boisson, EHESS; Katharina Rynkiewich, Wash U; Guillermo Martin-Saiz, Wash U; Lauren Crossland-Marr, WashU; Laura Chartain, EHESS; John Bowen, WashU; Julia Vorhoelter, University of Göttingen; Irene Bronsvoort, UvA) The new cohort for the Social Studies of Institutions exchange 2016-2017 has arrived to St. Louis! Plans for the St. Louis portion of the exchange include attending […]

Snapshot in Paris

As the participants shift locations (Amsterdam – Paris), there are many more snapshots to take.

On to Paris! – The next stop in the exchange

(Left-Right) Susanne van de Buuse (UvA), Marie Le Clainche-Piel (EHESS), Natalia Guzman Solano (WUSTL), Lauren Crossland-Marr (WUSTL) and Elsa Forner (EHESS) The 2015-2016 cohort convened in Paris this week to begin the last part of the exchange. The five students (pictured here) will meet weekly for a seminar directed by Dr. Nicolas Dodier. The seminar […]

A Cohort on the Move – Welcome to Amsterdam!

(Left-Right: Elsa Forner (2016 Participant), Marie Le Clainche-Piel (2016 Participant), Heleen Straesser (UvA), Karen Kraal (UvA), Susanne van den Buuse (2016 Participant), Sébastien Chauvin (UvA), Natalia Guzmán Solano (2016 Participant)) The current cohort for the Social Studies of Institutions exchange 2015-2016 has arrived and settled in Amsterdam! For the next few months the cohort will work closely with […]

The St. Louis Experience

2015-2016 participants share their experience in St. Louis “My time in St Louis has been a wonderful and very inspiring experience, both academically and leisure wise. Just having finished my ethnographic fieldwork in The Netherlands, I entered Washington University at that stage of my research where I had to try to make sense of the […]

Welcome the New Cohort!!

(Left-Right:  Lauren Crossland-Marr, WashU; Elsa Forner, Marie Le Clainche Piel, EHESS; Natalia Guzman Solano, WashU; Yolande Scholler, Susanne van den Buuse; UvA) The current cohort for the Social Studies of Institutions exchange 2015-2016 has arrived and settled in St Louis!      They will attend classes, including a class specifically on institutions, and serve as […]

Update from the 2014-2015 Program!

Experience of Claire Class The 2015 social studies of institutions conference that centered around the topic recursive learning concluded in amsterdam last week!  Photos and highlights will be up as soon as they are available.  In the meantime, here are photos and an exclusive with one student from the 2014-2015 exchange. Image below(L-R): Marie DuBoucher, […]

Retrospective: Some 2014 Photos

What follows are highlights from the Paris portion of the exchange, January 2014.  To the right is a photo taken from within the building that houses the LIER social lab of EHESS.  This building is also home to the former residence of Auguste Comte, which one passes on their angular ascent.    (Thomas Huet and […]

Website Revamp and Launch of a New Section

(Tulips, Washington University, St Louis, April 16, 2015) Spring has arrived!  We are currently in the process of updating the website and generating a newsletter for TAF.  In this process, we are hoping to use the website to serve as an updated conduit of information about our activities. We also are working on generating a […]