William B Tolman

William Greenleaf Eliot Professor of Chemistry and Associate Dean in Arts & Sciences

July 2021, group get-together (only Tedd couldn’t make it). From left-to-right on bottom: Mahesh, Lara, Evanta, Dylan, Jack, and Rachel. From left to right middle: Bill, Dimitar, Evan, Caitlin, Emma/Xinzhe, Appie, Sabrina. Back right: Yanay, Wen.

Social distancing photography, forming one of our favorite molecules.

Tolman Group, June 2020 (social distancing). By rows: (front) Caitlin Bouchey, Tedd Wiessner, Yanay Popowski, Lara Braverman, Appie Peterson (2nd) Wen Wu, Dimitar Shopov, Evanta Kabir (3rd) Xinzhe (Emma) Zhong,  Bill Tolman (4th) Venkateswaran (Mahesh) Krishnan, Peter Koetting

Tolman Group, October 2018. By rows: (front) Caitlin Bouchey, Justin Barry (2nd) Annie Luke, Appie Peterson (3rd) Courtney Elwell, Wilson Bailey, Bill Tolman (4th) Dimitar Shopov, Yilenda Dong, Hussnain Sajjad, Tedd Wiessner (5th) Yanay Popowsky, Timothy Zerk.

Tolman Group, September 2019. Caitlin Bouchey, Yilenda Dong, Lara Braverman, Evanta Kabir, Xinzhe (Emma) Zhong, Mahesh Krishnan, Appie Peterson, Wen Wu, William Tolman, Tedd Wiessner, Yanay Popowski, Justin Barry, Dimitar Shopov.