Welcome to Lucy Schlueter!

Lucy, a third year undergraduate student, has just joined the group, and will be working on a project with Dr. Evanta Kabir. Welcome, Lucy!

Welcome to undergraduate student researchers!

We welcome Connor Wright as a new member of the group, and welcome back Yilenda Dong, Wyatt Green Williams, and Caleb LaBorious. It’s great to have such enthusiastic and talented undergraduate students working with us! To learn more about them, see: https://sites.wustl.edu/tolmangrouplaboratory/ourpeople/

Welcome to new postdoctoral associate Wen Wu!

We are delighted to welcome Wen Wu to the group! He joins us after receiving his Ph.D. from Rutgers University. He’s working on a bioinorganic project focused on copper complexes as models of enzyme active site intermediates.

Farewell and good luck to Dr. Courtney Elwell!

Courtney successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis in June, 2019, and is off to her new job working for Linde PLC (formerly “Praxair”) Tech Center in Tonawanda, NY.  We wish her the best!

A fond farewell to Dr. Wilson Bailey

Wilson has left the lab to take a position as Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Gonzaga University. We wish him the best, and thank him for all of his oustanding contributions to our group.

Wishing the best to Dr. Timothy Zerk

Tim has left the group to move back to Australia and begin a new position in the federal government there. We wish him the best, and thank him for his contributions to our lab!

Welcome to Wyatt Green Williams!

We welcome Wyatt, a WUSTL undergraduate chemistry major who will be working on mechanistic studies of new catalysts for the synthesis of biorenewable polymers.

Welcome to new postdoctoral associate Dimitar Shopov!

Welcome to Dimitar, a new member of the lab who completed his Inorganic Chemistry PhD in 2018 at Yale University under Profs. Robert Crabtree and Gary Brudvig, studying the wonderful high oxidation state-stabilizing properties of pyridine-alkoxide ligands and resultant unique oxo-bridged iridium dimers. He is currently investigating the properties of bio-inspired reactive copper-oxygen species.

Welcome to new postdoctoral associates Tim Zerk and Justin Barry!

As the new laboratory takes shape in Bryan Hall at Washington University in St. Louis, we welcome two new postdoctoral associates, Timothy Zerk and Justin Barry. Tim joins us after receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Queensland, Australia, under the mentorship of Profs. Paul Bernhardt and Michael Monteiro (thesis title: “Understanding the mechanisms of […]

Bon Voyage to Sydonie Schimler and Megan Fieser!

Two of our postdoctoral associates are moving on to the next steps in their careers! Dr. Sydonie Schimler is heading to Midland, MI, to work for Dow, and Dr. Megan Fieser is joining the faculty in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Southern California. We wish them the best, and are grateful for […]

Congratulations to recent Ph.D.s!

In the last few months two group members successfully defended their Ph.D. theses, Debanjan Dhar and Nicole Gagnon. Debanjan’s thesis is entitled “Properties and Hydrogen Atom Transfer Reactivity of Copper(III)-Hydroxide Complexes”, and Nicole’s is entitled “Synthetic and Spectroscopic Investigation of Mono and Dinuclear Copper-Oxygen Complexes.” Debanjan is joining the laboratory of Prof. Jillian Dempsey at […]

Welcome to new group members Appie Peterson and Tedd Wiessner!

Two new graduate students have joined the group! Appie Peterson is working on new catalysts for the polymerization of cyclic esters, and Tedd Wiessner is working on catalytic conversions of biobased compounds to useful olefins. Both are members of the Center for Sustainable Polymers. Welcome, Appie & Tedd!