The Tolman Group works at the interfaces of inorganic, biological, and polymer chemistry to address important problems related to human health and the environment.


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Tolman Group Laboratory, Contact Information

  • Mailing Address: Washington University in St. Louis
    One Brookings Dr. 
    St. Louis, Missouri (MO) 63130
  • Phone: 314-935-6530
  • Fax: 314-935-4481

Recent News and Publications

Welcome to new postdoctoral associate Dimitar Shopov!

Welcome to Dimitar, a new member of the lab who completed his Inorganic Chemistry PhD in 2018 at Yale University under Profs. Robert Crabtree and Gary Brudvig, studying the wonderful high oxidation state-stabilizing properties of pyridine-alkoxide ligands and resultant unique oxo-bridged iridium dimers. He is currently investigating the properties of bio-inspired reactive copper-oxygen species.