These are links related to the NEH Summer Institute, “Roman Comedy in Performance,” co-directed by Sharon James and Timothy Moore in 2012.  They include the institute’s web site, blog, and other links.

Scenes of Plautus and Terence Performed by the NEH Summer Scholars at the Institute (YouTube)

The Roman Comedy in Performance Institute Blog

“Roman Comedy in Performance: Using the Videos of the 2012 NEH Summer Institute,” Timothy J. Moore and Sharon L. James, Didaskalia 12 (2015): 37-50.

Patrick Gray and Jeanne Neumann, NEH Summer Scholars

“Interviews and Reflections on the NEH Summer Institute on Roman Comedy in Performance, or What We Did at Roman Comedy Camp,” Mike Lippman and Amy R. Cohen, Didaskalia 12.7 (2015).

A database of the meters of Roman Comedy

Recordings of Plautine Cantica